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Tax consultancy

The tax law is complex, many details and numerous innovations must be observed continuously. We support you in achieving economic success and thereby legally optimizing the tax burden - correctly and legally compliant.

We offer you a wide range of services - starting with the preparation of tax returns for taxpayers with income from employment through to more extensive income tax returns with high individual advice requirements.

We are happy to advise and support you in all tax matters!

Our range of services

Tax declaration advice

  • Preparation of corporate and private tax returns
  • Preparation of advance notifications

Tax enforcement advice

  • Examination of tax assessments
  • extrajudicial and judicial remedies
  • Supervision and support of company audits
  • Defence against administrative offenses and tax criminal proceedings
  • Filing of applications in tax matters, such as deferral of tax debts, reduction of tax advance payments or extension of deadlines

Tax planning advice

  • Tax optimisation in national and international tax law
  • Conversions, choice of legal form
  • continuous information on significant changes in tax law through personal advice, circulars and client evenings
  • Tax planning, forecasting, tax burden comparison
  • Tax advice on the drafting of articles of incorporation and other corporate agreements
  • comprehensive earnings forecasts during the year as well as the resulting tax optimization
  • Obtaining binding commitments from the tax authorities
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With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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